Wolverine Hikes

People who know me know that I belong on the Trail. I've thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail (twice),the Pacific Crest Trail and the mighty Continental Divide Trail. I've hiked many of the long trails here in Michigan including being the first to hike both the Ironwood Trail and the Great Lake To Lake Trail. In 2017, I hiked the Israel National Trail and the Golan Heights Trail. I was the first to hike the Baja Divide Trail in Mexico but failed miserably to thru-hike the Bruce Trail in Canada. In 2019, I hiked the TEMBR in Ecuador and now, I'm going to attempt to hike 1,150 miles of the North Country Trail as it runs through my home state of Michigan.

The purpose of this blog is to keep anyone who is interested informed of my progress and to encourage those who are able to support me in these endeavors.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Noelle Mercado

I got a message Friday, 7-20-12 from my HRC, Martha, that I had gotten a box in the mail.  Addressed to me, C/O Martha.  She opened the box and it was full of hikin' love and supplies, tuna, trail bars, vitamin C tabs, hard candies, crackers n cheese...lots more and a book!  

This random box of off-trail magic was from Noelle Mercado.  I don't know Noelle, never met her.  She read my blog and was "inspired"!  She and her husband and kids do some hiking, rock climbing, but now are thinking about some longer distance hiking!  

That is AWESOME!
NOELLE--if you are out there, HUGE THANKS!  You ROCK!  Your kind words helped me continue to know why I'm out here doing this.  Good luck on your endeavors, keep Martha and me posted.

Check out HikerResupply on Facebook,  and please e-mail Martha so she can thank you, too. (mrog12275@yahoo.com)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Many thanks and much love to my sister in law, Mary Hillier and brother Steve for their recent generous donation to my cause!  You guys rock!

Continued thanks and much love to my sister Carol Machak and sis in law Patti Hillier for their resupply help.  Love the Jif to go, spices, jerky, coffee, rice, potato flakes butter buds...everything!

Keep watching.  I'm almost halfway done.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Magic at Carson Pass

 Sometimes the best Trail Magic is unexpected Trail Magic. Coming down out of the woods to cross Highway 88, I saw a banner that said 'Welcome PCT Thru-Hikers'.  Turns out, my old friend Kristo (kristohikes.com) is from this area.  He and I have known each other since the Kickoff.  His generous family welcomed all the hikers with a huge spread of burgers, dogs, fresh fruit, cookies... everything.  Thanks to Kristo and his family!

Vielen Dank!

Sometimes getting lost can be the best.  

Today I was lazy and didn't check my maps as often as I should have.  I found myself about 4 miles off the PCT on the Bryan Meadow Trail (?).  I wasn't worried because I didn't need to go into South Lake Tahoe for re-supply until tomorrow so I had plenty of time and I could hear the traffic on Highway 50 so I knew I was close anyway.  

I happened upon the Sierra At Tahoe ski resort.  They were closed up tight but the water was still running and they had picnic tables so I figured I'd chill here tonight and hitch into SLT in the morning.  

I met this happy hunter and he invited me back to his cabin for beer and brats!  He had lived in Germany and when I told him that I had been stationed there in the Army, we had great conversation, great food and good times.  Here's to getting lost!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A BIG shout out and heart felt thank you to Susie Hollyer for her recent generosity.  
Without support, help and love from friends and family, this trail would be impossible!
much love and many thanks!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A note from Martha-Resupply Co-ordinator

Hi blog followers!
One indulgence that Wolverine lets himself have is a good book to read.  I send a paperback book in each resupply box and it really helps pass that time from after dinner to sleep.  
If anyone has any books they'd like to donate, let me know.  I'll find a way to get them from you.  Or if you have any titles you'd like to suggest, send me those.  I have library connections.
Thank you all for reading and responding to Wolverine's blog.  Keep coming back for more!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Pictures

"I see you're wearing North Face pants.  You must go on a LOT of adventures!"

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm about to hit the 1000 mile mark!
I started the trail April 25th.  Two months and two weeks later, I've walked 1000 miles.  I have taken no hotel days, three zeros and feel FANTASTIC!
Let me know what you think.  Send me positive vibes, good thoughts...


Monday, July 2, 2012

End of June

Dear friends, family and followers.
I have been in very remote areas lately.  On June 20th, I was in Independence, CA and sitting in a Subway.  I wrote about 5 e-mails, sent blog posts and pictures and the wi-fi died.  I have no idea what happened to the e-mails or posts.  
I'm real sorry to have been out of touch, but that's what this trail gives.  
Please know that I think about you, send my thanks and love to you all and will send updates when I can.
I hit Mammoth, CA on June 29.  It was a sweet little town.  Picked up resupply, sent some mail and pics and moved on.  Next up is Yosemite Nat'l Park, the 1000 mile point and Bridgeport--next stop.
All is well.  I feel GREAT and am loving every minute and step of this hike.
Here are a few pics to enjoy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Camp Champaign

Send me anything, anytime, use this address:

Chris Hillier
24329 Champaign Street
Taylor, MI  48180

My HRC, Martha Rogers will make sure it gets to me in the next mail drop on the trail.  No need to worry about how things are packed because she'll take care of that, too.